Tips for Compliance Training

Compliance training is used to ensure that employees understand how to comply with the ethical, policy and legal related aspects of doing business. This training is often mandated by an external agency such as Trident Assurance Services and is a requirement for employment. Compliance training if typically non-negotiable and must be done in a certain time period, using information approved by the external agency.

When employees hear compliance, they often associate it with the negative experiences they have had in the past or feeling as if they are forced to complete training. What are some steps that you can take to help compliance training be beneficial and a positive experience for all of your employees?

Let’s take a look at the following ideas to help you create a compliance program that your employees will willingly participate in.

You May Not Know Everything that You Think You Know

If your training program can show your employees that the things that they think may not be right, they will sit up and pay attention.

Here is an example of how this works:

Ask the question, “Have you ever wondered how many people actually understand the rules associated with yielding at a four-way stop?” The rules associated with the scenario are not clear. Then go on to describe that you did some research and found out that although you have been driving for a number of years, you were actually not following the rules of the road. This can peak your employees’ interest and get them actively engaged in the training.

This turns a seminar that people see as a time waster into a seminar filled with information that they truly do not know. The employees will begin to think of this training as a way to learn how to avoid mistakes, which is very powerful when it comes to getting and keeping employee attention during a compliance training session.

Tie Scenarios into Real World Dilemmas

Whenever possible, tie your compliance training in realistic scenarios that can occur in the world. Use scenarios that may tempt your employees to think about crossing a line. Then allow them to explore the consequences of their actions and learn from them to avoid these issues from occurring in real life. By providing your employees with a safe environment to share their thoughts and feelings, you can open up a real discussion.

One company’s employees decided to transform a training session into Must-See TV. According to Dan and Chip Heath, compliance issues are filled with real-world drama that would make a great series. The company hired a filmmaker to film ten episodes that dealt with touchy areas, such as a boss striking a subordinate, managers trying to charge clients inappropriate expenses and teams misrepresenting their expertise. These videos can be dealt with as a crime drama, a comedy or even a horror movie. Sometimes it really does help to think outside the box when it comes to training employees.

A new episode was released every Monday. After a while, employees began searching for and wanting episodes before they released. It went so far that thousands of employees were watching these videos before their release. The series started many conversations about compliance, broke down communication barriers and gave employees permission to discuss difficult topics without any shame or fear of repercussions.

Give Employees a Choice

You can prevent reluctance by giving your employees choices.

For example, if you will be using online training, provide employees with a computer or mobile learning option that allows them to choose when and where they will view and learn from this information. By providing a flexible completion time frame, your employees will be more willing to complete the training without becoming irritated.

If you want to ensure 100 percent compliance, you must have training options that are available to all employees. If anyone cannot use your training methods, then there is no way you can achieve a 100 percent compliance rating. Some employees may need the content in a different language or a different method than other employees.

Use Stats to Prove Compliance

One of the main benefits that online learning is the ability to prove that your employees are in compliance.

The benefits of online training include:

* The ability to train a large number of employees, partners, and customers.
* The ability to train all employees with a consistent message no matter their geographical location.
* The ability to create detailed training reports and statistics.
* Provide instant testing results.
* Provide customized certificates at the completion of each program.
* Reduce travel expenses and save time.
* Use existing training content to create online courses.
* Upload content-rich files like audio and video files.

Compliance Training Can Be Fun

Compliance training does not need to be boring. You can make mandatory training enjoyable by tapping into your creativity. Use common compliance issues and present them in a new and interesting way. When you do this, you will be able to avoid scandals and other issues that occur within the workforce.