Time Management System – 3 Little Time-Slashing Tips With Big Impact

At some point, we all secretly wish we had the ability to slow time down. Why? So, we could get more done in a 24 hour period.

Think about it, between friends, family, and work obligations. Not to mention, taking care of our health, car, or grocery shopping. It’s easy to see how our daily responsibilities can add up quickly from all angles. Especially, without a proper time management system in place.

With all of the things we have to juggle on our to do lists, it’s just a matter of time when something gets neglected. However, what if you really could slow down time? Ok, not literally. But, how about if you could do a lot more with the time you have? If you follow these 3 little time saving tips, you’ll be in a better position to get a lot more done, in far less time… without neglecting the important stuff. Help with time to market with Encode.eu.

1. Don’t procrastinate.

Not many people know that failure to prioritize can lead you toward procrastination. But, did you know that a more insidious form of procrastination is putting off doing anything productive at all?

You know what I mean. You talk yourself into believing you have spare time. You may avoid looking at your list of responsibilities in an effort to trick yourself into believing there is nothing urgent.

While it is good to schedule some rest time, you need to begin your day at full effort. Do the most important and difficult tasks from the start of the day. Leave nothing of high importance to be done later in the day. Most importantly, don’t sleep in late when you very well know important tasks await you.

2. Start with the difficult tasks.

Whenever you have two things of similar priority, do the more difficult task first. Why? Because human nature is to procrastinate the most difficult tasks. If you don’t schedule the difficult tasks first, you may even find yourself inventing easy tasks to do that don’t really have to be done at all. The longer you wait to do the difficult tasks, the more intimidating they’ll become.

3. Multitask when appropriate.

The key words being: when appropriate. It goes without saying, that things like driving deserve your undivided attention. But, if you’re capable of multitasking and you can do two things at once without significantly slowing either down, go ahead and multitask.

Many people are able to make their important phone calls and take care of similar businesses while doing tasks such as laundry, dishes, and cooking. Just be sure that you’re not actually slowing yourself down or doing shoddy work in your efforts to multitask.

By following a productive time management strategy you’ll find yourself getting more done in a day than you thought possible. But, something to keep in mind is, that NO AMOUNT of time management will work if you waste time on unproductive things.

You know the things. We all do them. It’s the things that you tell yourself you’ll only spend 5 minutes on, and the next thing you know, an hour has gone by. Things like browsing the internet, and checking your friend’s status on the social networking sites, can take a huge chunk of your time.