Three Tips for Parking Lot Maintenance

As a business owner or commercial property landlord, building upkeep is very important. Providing a safe, clean facility to conduct operations is not only good for business, but also good for your customers and/or employees. Keep in mind that the parking lot and exterior areas should also be maintained. You don’t want customers and workers to sustain damage to their vehicles from potholes and debris. Here are some tips for site upkeep.

Clean and Safe

Your parking lot is one of the first thing clients and visitors notice about your business. A clean lot makes a good first impression and signals that your company is concerned with reputation. Visitors should feel comfortable leaving their vehicles outside. No one wants to have to drive around shards of broken glass while looking for a space to park. Consider contracting a cleaning service to pick up litter and debris.

Smooth Surfaces

A smooth driving surface is ideal for customer and employee vehicles. Driving comes with enough risk, and the last thing anyone wants to deal with is car damage while attempting to park or leave. Potholes should be repaired as soon as possible. If large areas of the lot are rough and uneven, consult a company that offers asphalt resurfacing Pittsburgh PA.

Restriping and Pavement Markings

Another sign of a well-kept lot are clearly defined spaces. Be sure that special parking spaces for disabled, special employees and/or expecting mothers are clearly marked. Faded lines can lead to improper parking and minor collisions. Spaces should be sized in a way to accommodate most vehicles. It may be wise to reserve spots for compact and/or oversized automobiles. You should also think about traffic flow. Arrow markings at driveways and between rows can improve parking lot safety.

As a business owner, you probably put time and effort into maintaining your building. Don’t forget to take care of your parking lot. It is often the first thing visitors notice and can leave a lasting impression.