The Best Bars and Nightclubs in Madrid

If you visit Madrid, you will find that the city comes alive late at night. There are numerous bars and clubs to be found throughout Madrid. Most of these clubs do not get going until late at night and the party continues until dawn. Continue reading to learn the best nightclubs that Madrid has to offer.

Most of these bars and nightclubs do not get really going until way past midnight; so, plan on staying up late and sleeping the morning away – this should be easy if you’re on a Madrid stag do trip. Spaniards know how to party the night away in style. (Now you know why the siesta is so important.)

The Gran Via

The Gran Via is the most famous street in Madrid and is home to a plethora of tourist sites, entertainment venues, restaurants and bars. Gran Via, which means a Great Way, is one place no visitor should miss. The Gran Via along with the side streets and alleyways are home to cocktail bars, hostelries, tapas bars and fine dining options. If you are looking for a night of fun, great food and fantastic booze, the Gran Via is a must!

Bars of the Gran Via Include:

  • Del Diego

The Del Diego is a sophisticated bar that blends a tapas restaurant with a classic cocktail lounge. The Del Diego is often classified as one of the top premier bars in Madrid because it pulses with class and lively fun for all who visit the bar.

  • Matador

If you are looking for a change of pace, why not try out the Matador. This old-fashioned Spanish saloon is located just of the Gran Via and is the perfect place to kick back and enjoy the night. Many visitors start their night at the Matador before moving on to more lively establishments.

Nightclubs of Madrid Include:

In addition to these bars, there are numerous nightclubs in Madrid. These nightclubs will allow you to experience the true Madrid nightlife. Whether you are looking for a nightclub playing the oldies or one playing today’s latest hits, you are sure to find the perfect nightclub in the capital city. Let’s take a look at the most popular nightclubs.

  • Sala Sol

Sala Sol is one of the most loved nightclubs in Madrid. It has been in operation since the late 1970s. In the evening and early nights, you will be greeted with soul and funk classic songs. After midnight, the DJ takes over and keeps electronica going until daybreak.

  • Pacha

Pacha is the hottest club in all of Madrid. The nightclub boasts itself as a mega club and they do a great job emphasizing the mega. You will find pulsating strobe lights, world-class DJs and throbbing music at the Pacha. The party really doesn’t start until after 3 am, which allows you to enjoy some of the other great bars and nightclubs before arriving at the Pacha. This nightclub offers different floors and hundreds of Spaniards and visitors fill the floors each night. Pacha is considered the hippest club in all of Spain and is considered a major clubbing destination throughout the world.

  • Joy

Joy is another fantastic nightclub in Madrid. Techno lovers flock to this club nightly. When visiting, you will enjoy a classic club style venue complete with laser lights, thumping techno music and house dancer. The club features a large sunken dance floor where people from all ages dance the night away. If you prefer to look down on the action, sit up in the wide balcony area where tables and sofas are available for guests to enjoy. Don’t expect the real party to happen until after 3 am at Joy. So plan on arriving late and watching the sunrise before heading back to your hotel.