Atos takes the most powerful quantum simulator in the world to the next level with Atos QLM E

Paris, 23 June 202

Atos, a global chief in electronic transformation, extends its portfolio of quantum alternatives with Atos QLM Increased (Atos QLM E), a new GPU-accelerated vary of its Atos Quantum Finding out Device (Atos QLM) offer, the world’s highest-undertaking commercially obtainable quantum simulator. Featuring up to 12 periods additional computation speed, Atos QLM E paves the way to optimized electronic quantum simulation on the to start with, intermediate-scale quantum desktops to be commercialized in the up coming several several years (termed NISQ – Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum).

By promising to use, in the in the vicinity of-time period, computation capabilities that are over and above the achieve of even the most potent current desktops to address sophisticated, authentic-daily life difficulties, NISQ units will enjoy an important position in deciding the commercial opportunity of quantum computing. Herein lies a double obstacle for the field: developing NISQ-optimized algorithms is as important as developing the equipment, due to the fact equally are needed to recognize concrete programs.

Integrating NVIDIA’s V100S PCIe GPUs, Atos QLM E has been optimized to drastically reduce the simulation time of hybrid classical-quantum algorithms simulations, top to more quickly progress in software investigation. It will make it possible for scientists, college students and engineers to leverage some of the most promising variational algorithms (like VQE or QAOA) to additional take a look at versions fostering new drugs discovery, tackling pollution with impressive resources or improved anticipation of local climate improve and critical climate phenomena, etc.

Bob Sorensen, Main Analyst for Quantum Computing at Hyperion Research, said: “Atos’ carries on to enjoy a essential position in the improvement of the quantum computing sector by featuring nonetheless an additional world-class electronic quantum simulator with increasingly potent capabilities, this time by means of the inclusion of top-edge NVIDIA GPUs. This hottest Atos QLM featuring makes use of a quantum components agnostic architecture that is very well suited to support faster advancement of new quantum programs and similar architectures as very well as new and impressive quantum algorithms, architectures, and use situations. Given that launching the to start with commercially obtainable quantum system in 2017, Atos has concentrated its endeavours on aiding an growing foundation of buyers improved take a look at a large vary of practical business and scientific programs, a crucial requirement for the total improvement and extensive-time period viability of the quantum computing sector writ substantial. The launch of the Atos QLM E is an remarkable move for Atos but also for its purchasers and opportunity new conclude buyers, equally of whom could benefit from entry to these top-edge electronic quantum simulation capabilities”.

Agnès Boudot, Senior Vice President, Head of HPC & Quantum at Atos, described: “We are proud to assistance consider tomorrow’s quantum programs. As we are getting into the NISQ era, the look for for concrete difficulties that can be solved by quantum computing systems becomes crucial, as it will determine the position they will enjoy in aiding society shape a improved foreseeable future.