It is challenging times for single women farmers during lockdown

Lockdown imposed due to Covid-19 outbreak pushed one females farmers in Maharashtra in distress, deprived them of function, money, and enough food stuff. Now, these females farmers confront substantial issues in the upcoming Kharif to procure seeds and financial loans to cultivate.

Mahila Kisan Adhikaar Manch (MKAAM) — Forum For Girls Farmers’ Legal rights alongside with other organisations in Maharashtra not long ago conducted a analyze throughout 17 districts of Maharashtra to assess the influence of Covid-19 and the lockdown on one females engaged in cultivation and performing as wage labourers.

The analyze uncovered that over-all food stuff consumption declined in this time period with shrinking money. “About 45 for every cent of females did not get a one working day of function in the fifty days of the lockdown. The other individuals who did get a number of days function gained fewer than ₹2,000 as wages in the fifty days. Deficiency of money produced sizeable issues and still left them with no money to commit in financial routines and wellness and other needs” the analyze mentioned.

About 91 for every cent females who participated in the analyze had been widows belonging to various caste groups and 28 for every cent had been from farm suicide affected households. Most of them gained ration in April, but those people devoid of ration playing cards had been deprived of it. Also, they faced problems linked to on line verification of playing cards. Rice and wheat had been accessible on ration outlets but over-all food stuff consumption declined, the analyze concluded. The demand to extend PDS to involve wholesome food stuff this kind of as cereals such as jowar, bajra and pulses and dals, oil, sugar is attaining momentum.

“With limited incomes from farming, females had been in distress due to the lockdown. 30 for every cent females had been to harvest their deliver when the lockdown was introduced. Generate was destroyed as a consequence of the problems in harvesting and just 24 for every cent had been in a position to provide their deliver and key losses had been claimed. These females now confront substantial issues in the upcoming Kharif” mentioned Seema Kulkarni of MKAAM. In the course of the lockdown, most females offered their deliver to the private traders at lower selling prices than normal occasions.

“We hope the govt assures that money transfers are produced, function on NREGS internet sites is started out and absolutely free seed and other inputs is furnished immediately to be certain that females farmers do not overlook on this season” mentioned Kulkarni.

MAKAAM has approached the Point out govt and experienced conversations with Shiv Sena MLC Neelam Gorhe.