Tea prices continue to move up in Kochi auctions

Active participation of big packaters led to continued upward pattern in tea rates at Kochi auctions. The robust demand from customers witnessed in dust grades pushed up rates in sale 38 and the regular selling price realisation went up to ₹199 from ₹196 in the past week. Ninety-4 for each cent of the offered amount of 4,52,203 kg was sold.

The marketplace for PD quality scarcely remained regular and tended to relieve. RD, SRD, SFD grades appreciated by ₹3-five, specifically blakcer teas with very good liquoring attributes. The hike in selling price was significantly less for browner teas, the auctioneers Forbes, Ewart & Figgis explained. The demand from customers from Kerala free tea traders was subdued.

In orthodox dust, 100 for each cent of the offered amount of 22,000 was sold and the marketplace was firm to dearer. A modest amount was absorbed by exporters.

On the other hand, the mounting selling price momentum could not be witnessed in leaf versions for the reason that of the subdued demand from customers from packaters and exporters, specifically to CIS countries and other locations.

In orthodox leaf, the marketplace for Nilgiri complete leaf and brokens was irregular and lower with longer margins of ₹5 to ₹10. The amount offered was two,35,592 kg. The regular selling price realisation was also down at ₹193 from ₹202 compared to the past week.

In CTC leaf, the amount offered was 1,01,525 kg, and 79 for each cent of this was sold. The marketplace for brokens and Fannings was scarcely regular and tended to relieve. The upcountry buyers’ participation was significantly less compared to the past months.