Strong Physical Security Measures Help to Protect Small Businesses Against Intruders

Cyber-crime hits the headlines on a regular basis, however burglaries still occur, and business premises get targeted a lot more than houses do. Small business security systems are highlighted by Ultra Security Centre in order to keep intruders under control at any time of night or day.

There are tons of hype regarding cyber-security, and we don’t want to belittle how important that is. However, we encourage you to keep in mind that old-fashioned burglary hasn’t exactly gone out of style. “Crime against businesses”, a government survey suggests that nearly half of UK business premises in 2013 were victims of crimes. This was final year that completed figures are currently available. Out of those crimes, burglary was involved in 80% of them, and it was three times more likely for business premises to be targeted compared to domestic dwellings.

1. Make Sure You Have Good Locks

Five-lever mortice locks and deadbolts are preferable for all exterior doors. Also consider them for the inside of your building. That will allow you to compartmentalise things so that free access is restricted to an empty building.

Make sure that your windows have good locks on them as well. It is recommended by the police that two good locks be placed on gates, fitted on the bottom and top, if individuals can reach over a gate. If you have roller shutter doors, think about using a sturdy padlock inn addition to any locking mechanism that may come with the door.

2. Change Your Locks

If you are looking to rent a new office or building, you will need to have new locks fitted, since you never know what ‘legacy’ keys could be out there.

3. Control Key Access

A record needs to kept of anyone who has keys, and what doors they go to. Make it clear that they shouldn’t be given to anybody else and that whenever an employee leaves that must be turned in.

4. Secure The Perimeter

Unless there is something to protect, a good lock doesn’t have any value. One place has high steel gates on their entrance, which is secured by a chain and strong padlock. However, if there is a hole in the fence then it results in them being totally useless.

5. Make Climbing Difficult

Anti-climbing spikes are legal and long-lasting, unlike razor wire or broken glass. You will have to put a notice up that states they have been installed in order to stay in compliance with the law. Consider using non-drying, slippery anti-climb paint in order to prevent individuals from getting to the top of the roof.

6. Shine a Light

Burglars love the dark, so eliminate it. They are many brilliant external solar-powered security lights that turn on whenever they detect any movement, and that can shed light into even the darkest corners of your property. Make sure they are installed high enough in order to foil any attempts at damaging them.

7. There is Strength in Numbers

Think about working with operators of premises that are nearby to hire a security company that can make visits to your site after hours. Just make sure the visits do not occur at regular times.

8. Look Around Corners

It might sound silly but having specialist security mirrors cleverly fitted will provide you with a lot broader view for the naked eye, so that you can watch the activities of others without them noticing. They are also made out of polycarbonate, so they are very strong.

9. Encourage Your Staff

A good deterrent against intruders is having people moving about the premises. However, you should also encourage your staff to watch for strangers that should not be there. Be careful when it comes to challenging people. It is always better to let someone in the organisation know about it, so that challenges are made by multiple individuals.

10. Say No to Cars

It is a good move to fit ram raid barriers, particularly when you keep in mind the government survey that we previously mention that showed that retails were among the most likely sectors to be targeted by burglars.