Quick Fixes for Small Financial Emergencies

You’ve got an emergency to deal with, but unfortunately, you don’t get paid until next week. If you let the matter wait until then, things will get worse, but, since you’re not a miracle worker, you can’t make money just appear. If you’ve tapped out your emergency savings and asked friends and family with no luck, here are a few options you might try to cover small financial emergencies.

Get Rid of the Old Cell Phone

Old mobile phones are still valuable to certain service providers. No matter how old your device is, you can instantly turn it into cash. All you have to do is find a local kiosk that accepts smartphones in exchange for cash. You place the phone in it, wait for a quote, and decide whether you accept. The phone is then stored in the kiosk and the cash is dispensed to you.

Sell Gift Cards

Gift cards are a common present provided during the holidays and for other special occasions. If you’ve got some old gift cards lying around to destinations you don’t plan on visiting, sell them online. Although you won’t get the full value of the card, it is a lot better than letting it collect dust and lose value.

Take Out a Personal Loan

Advance loans are another quick source of cash when you’re in a bind. They have easy online applications that can be completed 24/7. All you have to do is be 18 years old, have a good standing checking account, have verifiable income, and you’re good to go. If approved, your account would be funded the next business day.

Sell Other Things of Value

If you have a lot of things around your home that aren’t valuable to you anymore but could be to someone else you can sell them. Since advertising a yard sale could take a while, you can try selling your things online. There are apps that make it as easy as snapping a picture and naming your price. Locals looking for items you have will make the payment and set up a time for pickup.


Here’s an idea that not only adds to your accessible money but one that helps the community. Recycling won’t make you rich, but it can get you some extra gas money. Go around your neighborhood collecting bottles. There are several states that will allow you to turn them in for cash. Although it may only be a few cents per bottle, it can really add up fast. If you have larger things like copper pipes or a beat up car, you could get several hundred dollars for recycling them.

Whether your brakes need to be repaired, your roof has a hole in it, or you just need lunch money to tide you over until your next paycheck, each of these ideas can help line your pockets. As everyone is in the side hustle spirit, you can find thousands of ways to earn money. While some will require more effort than others, every penny helps to getting you out of your financial jam.