Keeping the HVAC Unit Clean Is the Responsibility of Every Homeowner

Your heating and cooling systems circulate air throughout your house, so they literally effect the air your breathe. Don’t you want that air to be as clean as possible? If you care about the health and safety of your family, your answer should be yes.


Your first line of defense against contaminated air is a filter. These need to be cleaned or replaced regularly, so make sure you are familiar with all your filter locations, including the furnace filter. At the very least, they should be cleaned twice a year. However, they may need to be checked on up to 4 times a year if any of the following apply to your household:

  • You have one or more pets.
  • You often leave doors or windows open.
  • You keep a lot of plants indoors.
  • You have a large family.
  • You smoke indoors.


The material that lines your heating and cooling system can make or break your maintenance load. The proper lining can withstand corrosion and buildup, while strengthening the walls of your duct work. Older systems may not have lining, or use plastic, which isn’t as sturdy. Plate metal is recommended for ducts, and sometimes rubber is the best material for tanks. Look into tank lining services to inspect your system and install the lining that will give your HVAC unit more longevity.

Professional Cleaning

Even if you properly maintain your filters and lining, you should bring in a professional cleaner every 5 to 10 years to thoroughly cleanse the entire system. This should be done more often if you neglect your filters. While they are in there, take advantage of the chance to inspect your system for any damage or mold, or check for any possible upgrades. This will also help to increase the value of your home.

Air carries a lot of contaminants: mold, dust, pollen, insects and even moisture. For this reason, your HVAC systems can easily become compromised without regular maintenance. You home should be a sanctuary- a good place to start is clean air!

How To Get a Job in the Casino Industry

Working in a casino is an exciting and interesting way to meet people from many walks of life while embracing many job opportunities. If you are considering a job in the casino industry, there are several things you should take into consideration first. Review the list below to ensure that you are prepared.

Certifications May Be Required

If you are looking for a job that involves serving or making drinks with alcohol in them, you may need to obtain proper certification before you can work. To acquire the proper certification, you may need to take a class and pass a test. For some permits, such as the TABC permit in Texas, classes will provide attendees with the tools to be able to serve alcohol responsibly.

Embrace Your Charismatic Side

The casino industry is all about selling an experience. If you are looking for a job in a casino that involves working with customers, invest time in developing your charisma. Improve your skills when it comes to engaging in small-talk with strangers. Be positive and fun.

Always Look Sharp

You will want to look like you fit the part. Make sure you engage in regular hygiene habits. Go out of your way to keep up with haircuts and ensuring that facial hair is neatly trimmed, shaved or waxed. For your interview, dress sharp. Make sure the clothes you wear are professional and pressed. Go out of your way to ensure that your outfit is properly tailored to fit you well.

Know What the Work Requires

Be prepared to be encountered with questions regarding tough situations you may run into while on the job, such as how you would handle conflict resolution with a customer or another employee. You will also have to be willing to work quickly to match the fast-paced atmosphere casinos provide.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can prepare yourself for a successful interview for work in the casino industry.

3 Benefits of Employing Security For Your Business

Your business holds countless value, from the services and products provided to the daily earnings. Unfortunately, these gains might turn your establishment into a target for numerous criminals and people acting with ill-intent. One potential solution to his problem is hiring security specialists to closely observe and protect your location. By implementing a formal security team to your business, you can improve several factors that will lead to greater success.

Protection of Assets and Money

Perhaps the most common reason why most business owners request professional security services Louisiana is to protect everything within the establishment, from tools and equipment to their overall profits. Depending on the location and scope of your business, the security specialists will monitor the workplace’s activity using advanced cameras, vehicles or even just themselves. This professional-level vigilance ensures you keep your resources and money, which also prevents business disruption.

Enforcement of Order

Another incentive of including security forces to your business is the enforcement of orderly, peaceful behavior inside and outside. The presence of trained guards stops outside crimes such as vandalism, sabotage and theft. However, crime committed by employees is also more likely to be thwarted. After all, businesses in the United States have lost up to $50 billion each year from employee theft. Security also deters other conflicts within employees, including harassment, disruptive arguments and physical confrontations.

Excellent Customer Service

If your business relies on customers, then the presence of security guards brings the additional benefit of enhanced customer service. In addition to vigilance and law enforcement, security specialists can help customers by guiding them to different parts of the location or escorting them through the parking lot. This improved customer service instills more public trust in your business, potentially increasing the client base and overall profit.

Professional security can boost business in multiple ways. Asset vigilance, crime disruption, additional customer service and more, these companies can help ensure your business grows and thrives.

Semiconductor Wafers and the Importance of Polishing

In the world of semiconductors and electronics, very thin slices of crystalline silicon are known as wafers. These wafers are used to create integrated circuits and solar cells. For the best results, a semiconductor wafer must have a smooth and very shiny finish. When the wafers are first created, they are ground down to a fine, thin surface. This leaves subsurface damage on the wafer that must be removed.

The Polishing Process

This is where silicon wafer polishing comes in. Special pads and a substance made of liquid diamonds or weak acids are used to deliver the superior shine required in semiconductors. Essentially, the unwanted texture left during the grinding and sawing process is buffed away. A special vacuum carrier holds the wafer in place, and the wafer is gently moved toward the pad until they make contact. With precise movements, the subsurface damage on the wafer is removed a bit at a time. In the end, a highly functional silicon wafer is created. This process is completed as quickly as possible to avoid possible contamination or damage.

Diamond Cubic Structures

It may be noted that as the crystal structures of the wafers develop, diamond cubic structures are created. Thus, when the structure is cut into wafers, there’s a potential for several different crystal orientations. The differing orientations have unique electronic and structural properties. The manner of cutting, cleaning, scoring, and notching can affect the efficiency of the wafer.

The Demand for Thinner Wafers

Today, there’s a growing demand for ever thinner, ever smaller wafers, and sometimes conventional manufacturing methods leave damage on the surface of those wafers. Effective polishing can remove that damage. Micro-defects and scratches don’t have to cause trouble or weaken the wafer. Instead, high-quality polishing gets rid of the uneven texture on the wafer’s surface.

Wafer polishing is essential to the efficient use of silicon wafers. Consider the benefits of a double-sided polish for meeting required SEMI standards and specifications.

Getting the Big Stuff Around Town

Getting the Big Stuff Around Town

The size and weight of farm equipment, industrial machines, tractors, and bulldozers makes it difficult to move from one location or job site to another. When you look online for “heavy equipment movers near me”, you will be able to find professionals with experience in moving massive machines or equipment. They will have the heavy-duty equipment needed for the job, and they can safely move your items from point A to point B. There are some things you will need to do before the equipment can be moved.

General Prep Work

Depending on the equipment or machinery to be moved, your transport company will give you advice on how to prepare for the relocation. You may want to wrap things like levers in bubble wrap, and fasten any window locks. It is also wise to secure the doors of any equipment with zip-ties.

Prepping the Machine

When you prepare for the move, check with the manufacturer’s manual on specific instructions for your machine. If you have misplaced the manual or never received one when you took possession of the equipment, you can generally find a copy on the manufacturer’s website. You can also call and ask about moving instructions. You might be advised to empty the engine of all fluids, disconnect the batteries, and secure any loose parts with industrial tape or zip-ties.

Getting the Permission

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has outlined specific requirements for the transport of heavy equipment. It even specifies how they should be secured. Although the moving company will be familiar with these regulations, you are responsible for securing the necessary permits to complete the job. The equipment that is being transported may be unable to traverse certain roadways due to power line locations, bridges, or tunnels. There can be legal complications if the right permission has not been filed and obtained.

On the day of the move, be prepared. Have all the open parts covered and protected from weather elements. Have the necessary loading equipment, and leave the job to the professionals.

Maintenance for Hydraulic Systems

Maintenance for Hydraulic Systems

Hydraulic power is created by a circulation of pressurized fluid, such as a water-glycol mix or water-soluble oil,  to a motor capable of converting it into a working function that produces more power than a traditional mechanical or electrical system of equal size. Because of their impressive accurate yet rapid responses to controls, hydraulic systems have found many uses across many fields. Some of their more demanding jobs involve heavy industrial machinery, automobiles, and aircraft. Their importance to the successful operations of many businesses requires that careful maintenance program be enacted to keep the systems in good working order.

Multiple Components Need Attention

There are many elements of a hydraulic system, such as oil seals, hydraulic cylinder parts, valves and hoses. Each component has its own maintenance needs, but having regularly scheduled maintenance plan that checks priority areas can help avoid long-term damage and machine downtime. Some of the recommended areas of attention include the following.

  1. Filter indicators. The indicators assess the contamination amounts being caught by the filter. It can show the level visually through either a gauge or a pop-up indicator. If it shows that the filter has reached the maximum holding capacity for contamination, it is time to replace the filter.
  2. Sample the oil. Because the hydraulic system is heavily dependent on the successful flowing of fluid throughout the components, checking the oil allows you to test for solid particle contamination or other problematic elements in the oil. Test from an active return line for the best reading.
  3. Check your temperatures. The temperature has a significant impact on the viscosity of the oil in your system. If the viscosity doesn’t meet the working range of the system, continually pumping oil can reduce the lifespan of the system over time. Too high of a temperature can cause a pressure drop in the lines, which may lead to cavitation.

Taking care of the components of the system helps preserve the functionality and efficiency of the machine. Keeping track of small areas of repair can help avoid major malfunctions down the road.

How Clothes Are Dry Cleaned

Many special occasion clothes as well as comforters are dry clean only. Dry cleaning is a process that cleans fabric with a chemical solvent instead of water. From washing to the dry cleaning conveyor, here is how the process works.

Wash It Up

Before clothes are dry cleaned, the pockets are gone through to remove random objects before they damage the clothes. Fragile fabrics are put in a bag to keep them intact. If there are stains, a stain treater is applied to the spot. All the clothes are tossed into a washing machine and a chemical solvent, typically perchloroethylene, is added to the machine clothing. The temperature is kept consistent because if it gets too hot it can damage the fibers. Since there are concerns that these solutions contribute to polluting the planet, many dry cleaners are turning to environmentally safe products. Once everything is combined, the unit agitates the laundry until it is clean.

Squeeze It Out

Once the clothes have been washed and rinsed in the solvent, the chemical is drained from the machine. The drum then spins the rest out until it is almost gone. The solvent is recycled for reuse in another washing. When the spin cycle is finished, a warm blast of air is sent into the drum to dissolve the last remnants of chemical. That steam is collected and chilled to extract the last bits of detergent out of it.

Hang It Out To Dry

When the clothing is clean, they are deodorized to cool them and to wring the very last trace of solvent from them. The articles are hung up until they are completely dry. They are then pressed and hung up again on a conveyor system. The customer is called to tell them that their item is ready for pickup.

Politics FiveThirtyEight

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Can Your Financial History Affect Your Employment?

Can Your Financial History Affect Your Employment?

When you look for a new job, some of the most important considerations include your educational level and your work experience. Although you might be confident in your qualifications, signing your name and authorizing a credit check by your future employer unnerves you. Why do they need this information and is it relevant to your employment with them? This is a little understood area of employment applications, and this information might clarify the confusion.

Limited Access but It Tells All

There are several agencies that run credit check services for employers, and they only release the debt and payment history. The potential employer does not receive your actual credit score. The employer uses this information to evaluate your position with regard to theft, fraud, and financial risk. Perhaps you have applied for an accounting position. Your own personal transaction history may be a clue as to how you will handle other financial situations.

Not Every Company Requires One

If you have poor credit and are worried how it might impact your job hunt, you will be relieved to know that not every company required a credit check. Most often, it is the businesses that require a lot of security clearance, access to money, or dealings with customer’s sensitive data that will expect a report. Unfortunately, they use the information to gauge how responsible you are, how committed you are to meeting obligations, and your propensity for being careless with resources.

It Doesn’t Hurt Your Score

The checks made by employers are considered soft checks, and they do not affect your credit score. You will be able to see any soft inquiries that are made on your report, but a potential employer cannot see where another company may have conducted a similar check.

As long as you are notified and agree to the terms of the application, it is legal for an employer to check your credit. If your credit score needs some work, take steps to increase your score and open future employment opportunities.

How to Pass a Restaurant Health Inspection

How to Pass a Restaurant Health Inspection

A health inspection is one way the local authorities can help ensure the health and safety of the community residents who dine out. While it can be a stressful experience for those working in the kitchen and in the restaurant, being prepared is one way to ensure you will receive high marks. To be clear, you shouldn’t be looking to just past the test. The higher the score, the cleaner and more sanitary your establishment. This will increase customer confidence in your operations.

Start With a Clean Slate

If it has been awhile since you have had high scores on your inspection, perhaps you need to start from scratch with your approach. Hiring commercial kitchen cleaning services Orlando FL residents operate can be one way to deep clean the most important areas of your restaurant.

Use the Official Checklist

When you are training your employees and cleaning your area, follow the guidelines and expectations established by your local health department. Knowing the areas they will focus on can help you create certain priorities or conduct additional training.

Work From the Inside Out

Although each area of your restaurant will have unique cleaning and safe-service needs, by walking into your restaurant and viewing it like a consumer, you may be able to identify areas that haven’t received a lot of attention. The first impression can go a long way in setting the expectation of what is to come with both food quality and service.

Conduct Training and Auditing

Thoroughly training your employees should be a continual process. By conducting quality audits on food products, cleaning routines, and even hand washing, you can assess employees or areas than need additional work or retraining. Focusing on food handling, personal hygiene, and cross-contamination are areas that can always use refreshing.

The healthy and safety of your consumers is reflected by the restaurant’s health report score. Be prepared for an inspection by acting like every day is an inspection. Food safety and hygiene habits should be employed every day regardless of who visits the establishment.