‘No significant upward revision’: ISMA President on sugar production

Indian sugar generation estimates for the 2019-twenty time are not likely to be revised upwards by much from 26 million tonnes, when the Indian Sugar Mills Affiliation (ISMA) fulfills to evaluate figures toward February-conclude, the trade overall body said on Tuesday.

“We are thanks to meet up with on February 25 when we will revisit the estimate, and if there is substantial change it will come out in the final week of February,” Vivek Pittie, President of ISMA told an industry conference in Dubai. “If you talk to me, I really don’t see substantial upward revision,” he said.

The trade overall body has said India’s sugar output in 2019-twenty could fall 21.6 for each cent to 26 million tonnes, the least expensive level in 3 a long time, right after drought in 2018 pressured farmers to control cane planting and flooding destroyed crops in vital growing areas in 2019.