Important Choices When Chair Shopping

Pre owned office chairs provide significant savings when you are outfitting your space for the first time as a new business. If you make careful choices based on their intended functions and your budget, you can enjoy your purchases for years.

Consider Whether You Want Casters

If your employees will be sitting at desks, casters are mandatory allow for easy movement and work flow. Employees should not have to stand up repeatedly during the day to reach items within a couple of feet.

Elderly employees who have trouble getting up and down may prefer chairs without casters. They depend on the chair for leverage getting up and down, and risk having a chair roll out from under them. Lockable casters provide you with the flexibility to allow movement for most employees while adapting the chairs for those who need more stable seating.

You might also have employees who exercise at their desk with under-desk pedals. Lockable casters help them as well.

Chairs for waiting areas should not have casters. Waiting area chairs tend to be set against walls. If a chair has casters, it will tend to bang against the wall when people sit down. Children may take caster-equipped chairs for a spin.

Match Style to Other Furniture

When shopping for used furniture, it is helpful to look for large sets of matching items. Items from the same product line will have similar design and style. A mis-matched jumble of pieces in an office will not inspire employees or impress clients.

Seek Adjustable Features

Ergonomic office design prevents injuries and boosts employee productivity. Because not everyone has the same height and build, the best office chairs allow you to adjust height and back support. When a person is standing, the horizontal part of the chair should rest just below the knees. An employee should be able to sit forward enough in the chair to avoid pressure on the back of the knees.

Proper office chair selection will vastly increase the value of your investment.