I Am Having Really Great Time

Of course I have been stationed in Italy for a couple of years now and I have had a great deal of fortune with the local girls, although none of them have been interested in long term relationships. Right now I have been on leave for awhile, partially because they have eliminated my position at the air base. At any rate I have sort of hit the jackpot where temporary girlfriends are involved. She and about seven or eight other girls have rented this villa by Mykonosestates.com, which if you did not know Mykonos is a large Greek island and a lot of people go there for fun in the sun. It is a really beautiful place and I have been living like a king or a millionaire for a little while. I am not really thrilled about the fact that the Air Force is probably going to send me to Bagram in Afghanistan. I can guarantee you that it is not nearly as much fun as I have had here and in Italy. In fact they never get off of the base there, you do not need leave since there is not any place for you to go.

This was a nice little trip. We flew to Athens and then we took the ferry to the island. You can fly as well, but you have to plan ahead. The ferries leave every day and we just walked up to it and bought tickets. The one we got on was apparently slower than one of the others, since it stopped on two other islands. However we were down in the bar drinking wine and the five hour trip was not that big of a deal. They even hired a lady to cook and clean at the villa, or perhaps she came with the place.