Helpful Tips to Secure a Data Center

Today, things like virtualization, big data, IT consumerization, and cloud computing are finding their place in the modern data center. Just like anything else involving information technology – the bigger the platform or service is, the bigger the target becomes. Several surveys involving IT decision-makers have shown issues related to availability and security as the main impediment to cloud computing adoption.

After several high-profile attacks against online retailers and financial services companies, data centers are becoming targeted more and more by cyber-criminals and hackers who view them as vulnerable to different and new attacks. If you own or manage a data center, now is the time to take action to secure your facility and prevent these nefarious actions. Some tips to help are found here.

Build a Team Made Up of Security Professionals

Usually, the initial human contact at any data center is the security personnel. It’s important to have a full-time, vetted security officer who is 100% vested in the success of the company. Sometimes, it’s also a good idea to invest in data center training courses for those working in the facility.

When hiring employees for security purposes, consider choosing someone with a past in law enforcement or the military. They will understand the “always be prepared” environment of the security industry, even on what is considered “low risk” times, such as nights or weekends.

Document Process and Regularly Run Drills

It is important for everyone to know what to do if an emergency or another issue occurs. The best way to do this is by documenting your processes and running drills regularly.

If you want to secure your data center, the tips here provide a good starting point. Be sure to keep this in mind to ensure a superior level of security and protection for the data center, regardless of size or location.