Getting the Big Stuff Around Town

Getting the Big Stuff Around Town

The size and weight of farm equipment, industrial machines, tractors, and bulldozers makes it difficult to move from one location or job site to another. When you look online for “heavy equipment movers near me”, you will be able to find professionals with experience in moving massive machines or equipment. They will have the heavy-duty equipment needed for the job, and they can safely move your items from point A to point B. There are some things you will need to do before the equipment can be moved.

General Prep Work

Depending on the equipment or machinery to be moved, your transport company will give you advice on how to prepare for the relocation. You may want to wrap things like levers in bubble wrap, and fasten any window locks. It is also wise to secure the doors of any equipment with zip-ties.

Prepping the Machine

When you prepare for the move, check with the manufacturer’s manual on specific instructions for your machine. If you have misplaced the manual or never received one when you took possession of the equipment, you can generally find a copy on the manufacturer’s website. You can also call and ask about moving instructions. You might be advised to empty the engine of all fluids, disconnect the batteries, and secure any loose parts with industrial tape or zip-ties.

Getting the Permission

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has outlined specific requirements for the transport of heavy equipment. It even specifies how they should be secured. Although the moving company will be familiar with these regulations, you are responsible for securing the necessary permits to complete the job. The equipment that is being transported may be unable to traverse certain roadways due to power line locations, bridges, or tunnels. There can be legal complications if the right permission has not been filed and obtained.

On the day of the move, be prepared. Have all the open parts covered and protected from weather elements. Have the necessary loading equipment, and leave the job to the professionals.