Epic Stag Party Games

As a best man, you have the right to plan an epic stag party for the groom. You are responsible for picking the destination and the activities as well as choosing some games for entertaining all the guests present. Here are some of the epic stag party games you should think about adding to your event for the best results.  These games can be used all year round, even for Christmas stag do’s.

1. Toy Soldiers

Each guest will be given a toy soldier. During the party, when the best man shouts to the crowd ‘assume the position’, every guest should fall into the same position as the toy soldier. The last man to follow orders will be completely removed from the rest of the events.

2. Shark Attack

Choose one guest to be a shark spotter during the event. When you shout ‘shark attack at any point, every other person should immediately drop to the floor. The person who falls to the floor last should take shots and immediately becomes a shark spotter for the next round.

3. Adopt A New Accent

You can go to different pubs or bars in the area and adopt a new accent whenever you walk into a different establishment. Whoever forgets the proper accent or does a fake one will be identified by another person at the bar and kicked out.

4.  Find The Bride

During the bachelor party, all the guests should try to identify another woman with the same name as the bride. If any of the guests don’t come back with a positive identification, there will be a penalty.

5. Movie Quote

Visit any bar and approach a group of girls. Begin a conversation squeezing as many movie quotes as possible without their knowledge. Whoever mentions the most movie quotes without being noticed has won and can nominate one of the other stags for a forfeit.

6. Posers

The best man should cut small bits of paper and write names of famous people, objects or animals then place the papers in a glass. Each person at the party should pick one paper at random. The best man should shout ‘ who are you’, everyone at the party should pose as what’s written on the piece of paper.

7. Boat Race

Separate all the guests into 2 groups and give each individual a pint of beer. The first person starts drinking their beer and the second person should start when the first one finishes and so on until the entire team has completed their drink. The team that finishes first wins the game.

8. Pub Golf

Have you planned a pub crawl in your party? Well, you can always transform it into a golf game. Think of every pub as a hole and everyone in the party has a drink in each pub. The number of gulps it takes to finish a drink will be the par. Each person should keep a scorecard of their results and the person with the lowest score wins the game.

9. Knickers

Each person at the party gets a coin and when the best man shouts ‘knickers’ everyone should open their hand to reveal whether it’s showing heads or tails. Count the number of heads or tails and the players with the highest numbers are safe. Repeat the game until only one person remains and he will become the loser. The fine is wearing knickers on their trousers till the next time the game is played again and another loser is chosen.

10. Left-Hand Drinking

Everyone at the party should hold their drinks in their left hand at all times. Anyone seen using their right hand should finish their drink with one gulp.

11. Freeze Frames

At any time, one of the guests can freeze without making an announcement and if the others notice should also freeze immediately. The last person will forfeit.