Different Building Materials

When people think about the materials used to make houses and other structures, wood and concrete are among the most common resources they consider. However, other supplies are also crucial to construction and can add unique touches to new buildings.



The word “glass” is associated with breakable china dishes and decorations, but the same material can also be used in construction. One type of glass manufacturer Frederick MD provides glass used in the creation of windows, walls, doors and mirrors. Commercial glass allows for the entrance of natural lighting and has an attractive shiny luster. Furthermore, it is easy to clean, environmentally friendly and durable and can be used both inside and outside.



Although it has fewer uses than glass, clay, which is found naturally in soil, is also commonly used for building. Most people are familiar with clay as a construction material in its baked form, brick. Bricks create stable, durable and opaque walls and floors. Another use for clay is the creation of adobe houses, an ancient form of housing that some architects are beginning to use today. While this form of building is good for the environment, it is not suitable for wet or cold climates.


Rocks are crucial to the creation of concrete, but they can be used on their own as well. Many different kinds can be used in construction, and each one is suitable for a different purpose based on its chemical composition. Some kinds of stone are ground into pieces before use, while others are cut and polished. Floors, roofs, countertops, walls and foundations can all be made from rocks. This building material is frequently used for decorative and landscaping purposes as well as for construction.

While these three materials are rarely used on their own, they can be combined to create variety within a building and improve its appearance and durability.