7 great tips for marketing your restaurant successfully

Every restaurateur needs to get to grips with marketing in order to successfully bring customers through the door, and then retain them. From word of mouth and PR through to digital marketing, there is a range of tactics that can be used to position your restaurant to your target audience and encourage customers to try you out. These tips will get you started.

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Stay ahead of the curve

It’s essential to know what’s going on within the industry in order to market effectively. Know what the visitor trends are, the facts and the statistics that impact your plan. Use this data to see where tweaks to your marketing tactics might need to be made. For example, what are your competitors doing? What do your customers want?

Have a great website

It’s vital to have a website that is well optimised for mobile, and which allows customers to get to your restaurant online before your competitors and to find where you are located. Write a food blog, provide your menu, link to social media and review sites and highlight your daily and seasonal specials so that your content regularly changes.

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Use an online reservation tool

Your customers want to be able to book a table online rather than make a phone call, so make sure you are listed on the main booking sites to offer this feature.

Take care of the details

From your interior design through to your choice of glass door refrigerator on display, the small details will show that you are on the ball and delight your customers. Find out more at https://www.fridgefreezerdirect.co.uk/glass-door-refrigeration.

Invest in SEO

Small businesses must invest in SEO as much as large ones. Remember that local marketing is key so you must ensure your website and restaurant show for local searches – https://www.brightlocal.com/about-local-seo/.

Work with local food influencers

Ask food bloggers to come and try your restaurant so that they write a review and share it with their followers in return for a free meal. The linking will support your SEO ranking and your reputation will be boosted by the review.

Keep an eye on review websites

Your reputation is key, so see what people say about your restaurant and respond accordingly, with careful and respectful handling of any negative reviews, to demonstrate that you take your service seriously.