6 Ways a Small Business Can Cut Marketing Costs

An effective marketing campaign often determines the fate of a startup. A very small amount of companies reaches their true potentials without email marketing. Unfortunately, very few small businesses and startups can afford to spend more than a few thousands of dollars on it. Therefore, they must learn to reach a large audience with a very tight budget.

Read our list below for ways to make your company’s marketing campaign cheaper.

Cut Costs

Start by working on ways to expand your budget. Determine if your current budget works for your immediate marketing strategies. If not, analyze the financial success of some of your other programs and departments. Decide if these other areas of your business generate enough positive results to continue to exist at your company. If not, consider downgrading or cutting them so that you have more money for marketing.

Focus Your Campaign Online

Most of the world is connected to the World Wide Web, which makes it the perfect place to expand your business locally and globally. Create a page for your business on every social media platform, especially LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Next, research your competitors’ social media campaigns. Evaluate both their successful and failed ones. Then look at their average social engagements. Focus on comments, shares, and likes. Think about how you can alter and use their strategies to market your business.

Write a guest blog to expand your online presence beyond your own pages. Cultivate relationships with popular bloggers through engagement on their posts. After developing an organic connection, approach these bloggers about writing a guest post for their blog. Guest blogging allows you to share your expertise, promote your business to a wider audience, and create shareable content.

Apply Coupons

Not all marketing can be online based. Sometimes you’ll need to do offline networking, go on a tour to promote your product, or meet with a potential client in person. For these instances, you need to have physical marketing material, such as fliers, business cards, and catalogs.

Use coupons to save on printing services like Vistaprint. Major printing services often have daily coupons available on major deal sites, such as Groupon.  These companies also are flexible enough to workout payment plans, or offer even more discounts to small business owners.

Be an Expert or Seek an Expert

Seek advice from a trusted marketing professional. Networking events provide ample opportunities to meet new people, especially those in fields such as marketing. At every networking event, aim to connect and exchange contact information with at least one marketing professional.

Also consider becoming a marketing expert yourself. Learn as much as you can about it with blogs, books, courses, and videos.

Turn Your Customers into Ambassadors

Send out surveys to learn as much as you can about your fans and clients. Learn what makes them like, dislike, or buy from your company. Develop and create content that caters to the results of your survey. Reward loyal clients with contests and discounts that match their needs.

Let the contests help build brand loyalty and promote your business. For example, host a Twitter contest that requires re-tweets to enter. This act creates a way for more people to see your content and company. You gain at least 1 new like or follower from every share.

Re-purpose Content

Create content to build more social engagement on your pages. The more people that engage with your content, the more people learn about you and your company. Change the format of your content for better results.

Rework a simple blog post into many different forms of media. It can become a video, podcast, info-graphic, and an eBook. Reworking content expands the chances of someone finding it in their chosen form of media consumption.