3 Things to Consider When Creating an Outdoor Dining Space

The warmer weather is an invitation to soak up some sun and enjoy a beautiful day. Sometimes that also means grabbing a seat at an outside table, enjoying a delectable meal, and visiting with friends. Restaurants with outdoor seating can offer this service with the added bonus of increasing the number of customers that you serve at a time. If you’re interested in offering this service, consider the following as you set up the area.

Raise a Roof

While many people love some fresh air as they nibble on their food, they do not always love the sun’s glare. Adding a roof to the outdoor area could help in this regard. A patio pergola with retractable awning, for example, provides shade and offers protection during inclement weather. Whatever you select, make sure it’s durable.

Add Decor

Yes, you could pop up some tables and just put people at them, but outdoor spaces need a bit more touch. Make the area appealing. Think about your vibe. Do you want rustic. Then, add picnic tables with some simple accent pieces in the area. Do you want something a bit more upscale? Add lighting, green plants, and some intimate tables. Create a space in which people want to linger and talk. In doing so, they may stay and order an extra drink or appetizer.

Make It Fun

Get creative with your space, and see if you can include some activities or games. If the area is large, purchase some hardy outdoor games for kids and adults to play. Bean bag toss is easy to set up and offers fun for all ages. Is the area more compact? Stack up some board games on a side table. People can grab one when needed.

Expanding your dining area could allow you to bring in more revenue. Spend time creating a concept that works for your venue and offers a relaxing experience.