3 Cool RV Trips

Nothing beats some of the amazing national parks located throughout the U.S., especially some of the ones out west. Because camping season isn’t yearlong at some of the most popular parks, they can be incredibly crowded and difficult to get into during open season. There are tons of cool places to visit with your RV that are outside the traditional national park camping experience, however. Make sure your rv insurance Newark DE is current and check out three places to RV you may have never considered.

1. The Kentucky Bourbon Trail

You may be familiar with Napa Valley in California, but how about taking an RV trip through the Kentucky Bourbon trail? Dozens of signature and craft distilleries await you from Louisville to Lexington. Camp along the way and don’t worry about driving after your visit. You can sleep it off in the RV.

2. Blue Ridge Parkway

This section of highway running through Tennessee and parts of North Carolina is beautiful, especially in the fall. There are plenty of scenic places to visit and rest. Spend some time driving the scenic route and explore all the places to hike, camp and eat. Just be mindful of the Tail of the Dragon at Deal’s Gap!

3. St. Andrews State Park

This hidden gem is right at the tip of Panama City Beach. It has a very high user rating; the campgrounds and facilities are very clean and the access to white sand beaches is phenomenal. And the best part might just be that you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to enjoy a beach vacation. It has a secluded feel, but it is right next to all the action.

RVing allows you freedom to roam and explore. Spend some time charting out your next trip and have some fun. The Kentucky Bourbon Trail, Blue Ridge Parkway and St Andrews State Park are just a couple options. Hit the open road and live life to its fullest.