Month: December 2019

Three Steps to Your Liquor License

A business establishment that wants to sell and serve alcoholic drinks must obtain a liquor license. The laws and subsequent steps that dictate this vital document may vary from state to state. For example, in order to obtain a alcohol license Dallas TX, one must go through the permitting process, which, when followed carefully and thoroughly, may reduce the time to obtain a liquor license in Dallas from six months to 60 days. Be sure to check the rules specific to your region.

On or Off?

The first step is to know what type of liquor license you will need. An on-license refers to a business such as a bar or brewery, in which alcohol will be both served and consumed within its walls. An off-license is for a liquor store, where customers purchase their drinks in bottled form and take them elsewhere to drink.

Getting Specific

Assuming you are pursuing an on-license, you now must decide if your situation requires more specific approvals, depending on the specific type of establishment you intend to open. If opening a restaurant, you will need a restaurant license, which may impose limits on how much of your profit may come from the sale of alcoholic beverages. If you do not intend to offer hard liquor, a beer and wine license could be for you. A tavern license is for businesses whose primary earnings depend on the sale of alcohol.

Money, Money, Money

License fees vary depending on the state you are opening a business in but normally range from $300 to $14,000. Be prepared to pay these fees as soon as your application is approved.

Need to Know

Along with your own personal information, you will need to provide proof-of-business items, such as a certificate of incorporation; partnership agreements; food menu; and health, building, and zoning permits.

Being prepared with all of the necessary information and funds can help your liquor license application process move as smoothly as possible. This should give you the best chance to open your business on time and as planned.

Helpful Tips to Secure a Data Center

Today, things like virtualization, big data, IT consumerization, and cloud computing are finding their place in the modern data center. Just like anything else involving information technology – the bigger the platform or service is, the bigger the target becomes. Several surveys involving IT decision-makers have shown issues related to availability and security as the main impediment to cloud computing adoption.

After several high-profile attacks against online retailers and financial services companies, data centers are becoming targeted more and more by cyber-criminals and hackers who view them as vulnerable to different and new attacks. If you own or manage a data center, now is the time to take action to secure your facility and prevent these nefarious actions. Some tips to help are found here.

Build a Team Made Up of Security Professionals

Usually, the initial human contact at any data center is the security personnel. It’s important to have a full-time, vetted security officer who is 100% vested in the success of the company. Sometimes, it’s also a good idea to invest in data center training courses for those working in the facility.

When hiring employees for security purposes, consider choosing someone with a past in law enforcement or the military. They will understand the “always be prepared” environment of the security industry, even on what is considered “low risk” times, such as nights or weekends.

Document Process and Regularly Run Drills

It is important for everyone to know what to do if an emergency or another issue occurs. The best way to do this is by documenting your processes and running drills regularly.

If you want to secure your data center, the tips here provide a good starting point. Be sure to keep this in mind to ensure a superior level of security and protection for the data center, regardless of size or location.

Following the Right Process After a Loved One’s Arrest

When someone in your family is arrested, it can create a whirlwind of chaos in your life. If this is not a situation you have dealt with before, then you might not have the first idea of how to move forward. In order to handle the situation, it can be useful to have some guidance. Take a look at these tips and learn how you should react once you get the news of a loved one’s arrest.

Ask the Right Questions

After you receive information that someone you care about has been taken into police custody, it stands to reason you will have a lot of questions. While you might be tempted to ask a lot of information, you need to focus yourself to ask the questions that will help in this moment. For one, you want to know where the person is being held, on what charged they are being kept, and how much bail is being posted for if at all. Knowing these answers can help you make your next decisions better.


After you have gotten an idea of the details surrounding the arrest, you need to consider bail. In most cases, bail is posted at an amount that is somewhat impossible for most people to pay out of pocket. This means you are going to need to search for a bondsman or similar agency to help you. Give yourself a moment to do some research about bail bonds near me Allentown PA and see what options you have moving forward.

When someone you care about has been arrested for a crime, you need to make sure that you are prepared for what will be asked of you. Knowing the details and understanding your options with a bail bond is the best possible way for you to make the process as quick and painless as possible.

Getting Legal Help: 3 Times You Need a Real Estate Law Firm in Austin Texas

Not all real estate deals are open and shut. There are going to be times where things go wrong. When this happens, you may find yourself in a legal battle.

The good news is that there are real estate law firms available that will help you through the process. Below are three times you will need to hire one.

1. False Advertising

You can’t put anything on a sign and represent it as truth. Everything you say in an advertisement needs to be backed up with facts. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.

A real estate law firm Austin TX can help you in situations like this. If you find yourself stuck in a deal that was misrepresented, they will help you get out and receive the compensation you deserve.

2. Environmental Problems

The home you live in should be safe from environmental problems. But construction methods weren’t always as good as they are today.

It’s required by law for a seller to disclose any environmental concerns about a property. If they don’t, they may be liable for any damages that result from the environmental problems of a house.

3. Fair Housing

Things are a lot fairer for people today. But that doesn’t mean that there still aren’t problems. That’s what the Fair Housing Act is for.

The Fair Housing Act ensures that anybody can buy real estate regardless of their age, sex, and race. If you think that someone is violating this law, a real estate law firm can help.

Make Sure You Get the Legal Help You Need

You don’t want to fight a legal battle on your own. Make sure you research the real estate law firms in your area so you can find someone to help you with your issues. The right partner can be the difference between winning and losing your case.

4 Ways to Attract Great Employees

Finding a great team to support your company is the best way to get ahead. When it comes to locating individuals that are the perfect fit for your business, keep the following tips in mind during your search.

Do Your Research

Develop a strong understanding of the kind of employees you want to attract and keep. In addition to determining what technical skills they need to have, take into consideration your company’s culture to help you find the right fit. To improve your process, you can consult with companies such as Boston staffing agencies that specialize in finding the ideal employees that match a company’s needs.

Boost Your Work Environment

Showcase an amazing work environment that attracts the best of the best. To make your company look more appealing than others, look into renovating your office space, offering great employee perks and consider flexible schedules. By improving current employee satisfaction at your company, you will make your business stand out.

Review Every Application

Take time to review each application you receive. For candidates that interest you, devote time to confirming the information listed on the application such as previous job history. You may also want to take time to contact professional or personal references listed on the application depending on the position that is being interviewed for.

Improve Your Interviews

Develop a strong interviewing process that will help you connect better with candidates. Go out of your way to establish a solid rapport with applicants to get a better idea of their personalities. You will also want to shy away from incorporating too many common interview questions and instead focus on elements that are relevant to your company culture, the technical needs of the positions that applicants are applying for and inquiries that will help you determine which candidates will fit in with your team.

Through research and preparation, you can find great employees that will help boost your company to success.…