Month: October 2019

Three Tips for Parking Lot Maintenance

As a business owner or commercial property landlord, building upkeep is very important. Providing a safe, clean facility to conduct operations is not only good for business, but also good for your customers and/or employees. Keep in mind that the parking lot and exterior areas should also be maintained. You don’t want customers and workers to sustain damage to their vehicles from potholes and debris. Here are some tips for site upkeep.

Clean and Safe

Your parking lot is one of the first thing clients and visitors notice about your business. A clean lot makes a good first impression and signals that your company is concerned with reputation. Visitors should feel comfortable leaving their vehicles outside. No one wants to have to drive around shards of broken glass while looking for a space to park. Consider contracting a cleaning service to pick up litter and debris.

Smooth Surfaces

A smooth driving surface is ideal for customer and employee vehicles. Driving comes with enough risk, and the last thing anyone wants to deal with is car damage while attempting to park or leave. Potholes should be repaired as soon as possible. If large areas of the lot are rough and uneven, consult a company that offers asphalt resurfacing Pittsburgh PA.

Restriping and Pavement Markings

Another sign of a well-kept lot are clearly defined spaces. Be sure that special parking spaces for disabled, special employees and/or expecting mothers are clearly marked. Faded lines can lead to improper parking and minor collisions. Spaces should be sized in a way to accommodate most vehicles. It may be wise to reserve spots for compact and/or oversized automobiles. You should also think about traffic flow. Arrow markings at driveways and between rows can improve parking lot safety.

As a business owner, you probably put time and effort into maintaining your building. Don’t forget to take care of your parking lot. It is often the first thing visitors notice and can leave a lasting impression.

3 Tips for Keeping Your Pond Clear and Healthy

It’s a lovely surprise to round a corner to discover a sparkling neighborhood pond. Water is not only a valuable resource but a source of recreation and aesthetic enjoyment. If you are fortunate enough to have a pond on your property, you know the enjoyment comes with some responsibility. With a little planning and attention, your pond can be clear and healthy through all of the seasons. The first step toward that goal is finding out what the professionals recommend.

1. Consult a Pond Specialist

A pond management expert understands the complex science behind aquatic environments and can help you make the best decisions for the health of your pond. The specialist will likely visit your property and help you create a custom-designed maintenance plan. Initial soil or water testing may be recommended to inform the process. The initial consultation is your opportunity to discuss any specific challenges you have in managing your pond.

2. Design an Annual Plan

You can decide to move forward after one consultation or continue to work with the pond expert to create an annual management plan. Whatever you choose, it is important to outline a detailed, scheduled maintenance plan of preventive care. This plan will spread out pond maintenance through the seasons, allowing you to budget maintenance expenses and minimizing the chances of unexpected costly problems.

3. Implement Your Plan

Your annual plan will likely include maintenance practices in the areas of water testing, shoreline maintenance and aeration. Each of these practices will help prevent common pond problems such as murky water, algae overgrowth or mosquitos. By the time one of these issues develop, it is generally a sign that more serious underlying imbalances are at work, and more challenges are around the corner. Completing the tasks on your maintenance schedule is your best defense against serious, costly aquatic imbalances.

Consulting a pond expert and implementing a custom annual maintenance plan is a good strategy for pond care. Adhering to your plan’s seasonal tasks will help promote a healthy aquatic ecosystem, an easier less costly strategy than rehabilitating an existing problem.

3 Cool RV Trips

Nothing beats some of the amazing national parks located throughout the U.S., especially some of the ones out west. Because camping season isn’t yearlong at some of the most popular parks, they can be incredibly crowded and difficult to get into during open season. There are tons of cool places to visit with your RV that are outside the traditional national park camping experience, however. Make sure your rv insurance Newark DE is current and check out three places to RV you may have never considered.

1. The Kentucky Bourbon Trail

You may be familiar with Napa Valley in California, but how about taking an RV trip through the Kentucky Bourbon trail? Dozens of signature and craft distilleries await you from Louisville to Lexington. Camp along the way and don’t worry about driving after your visit. You can sleep it off in the RV.

2. Blue Ridge Parkway

This section of highway running through Tennessee and parts of North Carolina is beautiful, especially in the fall. There are plenty of scenic places to visit and rest. Spend some time driving the scenic route and explore all the places to hike, camp and eat. Just be mindful of the Tail of the Dragon at Deal’s Gap!

3. St. Andrews State Park

This hidden gem is right at the tip of Panama City Beach. It has a very high user rating; the campgrounds and facilities are very clean and the access to white sand beaches is phenomenal. And the best part might just be that you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to enjoy a beach vacation. It has a secluded feel, but it is right next to all the action.

RVing allows you freedom to roam and explore. Spend some time charting out your next trip and have some fun. The Kentucky Bourbon Trail, Blue Ridge Parkway and St Andrews State Park are just a couple options. Hit the open road and live life to its fullest.