Day: August 14, 2019

Can Your Financial History Affect Your Employment?

Can Your Financial History Affect Your Employment?

When you look for a new job, some of the most important considerations include your educational level and your work experience. Although you might be confident in your qualifications, signing your name and authorizing a credit check by your future employer unnerves you. Why do they need this information and is it relevant to your employment with them? This is a little understood area of employment applications, and this information might clarify the confusion.

Limited Access but It Tells All

There are several agencies that run credit check services for employers, and they only release the debt and payment history. The potential employer does not receive your actual credit score. The employer uses this information to evaluate your position with regard to theft, fraud, and financial risk. Perhaps you have applied for an accounting position. Your own personal transaction history may be a clue as to how you will handle other financial situations.

Not Every Company Requires One

If you have poor credit and are worried how it might impact your job hunt, you will be relieved to know that not every company required a credit check. Most often, it is the businesses that require a lot of security clearance, access to money, or dealings with customer’s sensitive data that will expect a report. Unfortunately, they use the information to gauge how responsible you are, how committed you are to meeting obligations, and your propensity for being careless with resources.

It Doesn’t Hurt Your Score

The checks made by employers are considered soft checks, and they do not affect your credit score. You will be able to see any soft inquiries that are made on your report, but a potential employer cannot see where another company may have conducted a similar check.

As long as you are notified and agree to the terms of the application, it is legal for an employer to check your credit. If your credit score needs some work, take steps to increase your score and open future employment opportunities.

How to Pass a Restaurant Health Inspection

How to Pass a Restaurant Health Inspection

A health inspection is one way the local authorities can help ensure the health and safety of the community residents who dine out. While it can be a stressful experience for those working in the kitchen and in the restaurant, being prepared is one way to ensure you will receive high marks. To be clear, you shouldn’t be looking to just past the test. The higher the score, the cleaner and more sanitary your establishment. This will increase customer confidence in your operations.

Start With a Clean Slate

If it has been awhile since you have had high scores on your inspection, perhaps you need to start from scratch with your approach. Hiring commercial kitchen cleaning services Orlando FL residents operate can be one way to deep clean the most important areas of your restaurant.

Use the Official Checklist

When you are training your employees and cleaning your area, follow the guidelines and expectations established by your local health department. Knowing the areas they will focus on can help you create certain priorities or conduct additional training.

Work From the Inside Out

Although each area of your restaurant will have unique cleaning and safe-service needs, by walking into your restaurant and viewing it like a consumer, you may be able to identify areas that haven’t received a lot of attention. The first impression can go a long way in setting the expectation of what is to come with both food quality and service.

Conduct Training and Auditing

Thoroughly training your employees should be a continual process. By conducting quality audits on food products, cleaning routines, and even hand washing, you can assess employees or areas than need additional work or retraining. Focusing on food handling, personal hygiene, and cross-contamination are areas that can always use refreshing.

The healthy and safety of your consumers is reflected by the restaurant’s health report score. Be prepared for an inspection by acting like every day is an inspection. Food safety and hygiene habits should be employed every day regardless of who visits the establishment.